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Image by Nuno Antunes

Our Mission and Vision

  • To train the next generation of Christian servants for Great Commission living. 

  • To serve local churches thru the discipling and equipping of Christian pastors, teachers, and servant-leaders who will labor for the growth and advancement of the Gospel in Georgia and around the world.  

  • To see independent (i.e. self-governing, self-supporting, self-multiplying) NT churches planted, established, and multiplying in each major region of Georgia. 

  • To develop a generation of "Timothy" leaders - authentic, obedient, faithful, laboring, selfless, sacrificial, humble, reproducing, serving. 

  • To provide a growing digital and physical library of theological and ministry literature in the Georgian language. 

  • To develop a Word-centered curriculum that is academically 
    rigorous, internationally recognized, culturally relevant 
    and deeply practical. 

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